Can I invest in Buzzsaw Brewing Company?

Yes. Buzzsaw is taking investments from anyone interested in owning a part of our passion. With minimum investments starting at $50,000.00, Buzzsaw is selling community oriented equity in hopes of raising a minimum of $400,000.00.

What do I get with an investment in Buzzsaw Brewing Company?

Our investors receive 100% of the excess cash until they get their money back plus an annualized 6.00% preferred return.

Do the founders of Buzzsaw Brewing Company have equity?

The founders will not start with any equity, and will rather earn equity as your investment is paid back. Once you receive your initial investment back plus an annualized 6.00% preferred return, the founders will gain 80% equity.

What is the projected payback period for my investment?

We project your initial investment, including your annualized 6.00% preferred return, will be returned by the end of Year 3. After this return of capital, you receive ~8.00% annualized return for the rest of your life!

As an investor, do I receive free beer?

Yes! All of our investors will receive free Buzzsaw beer for the rest of their lives.

When will Buzzsaw Brewing Company be open?

We will be closing financing August 01, 2018, with the target of opening our doors in the Summer of 2019.


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